My view on women in games and game art

I know alot of people have strong views about women in games and entertainment art. I, on the other hand, don't know what all the fuss is about. The harsh truth is that if sexy women sell games and films, then so be it. What can you do. If you work for a multi-million pound game company and they ask you to design a sexy female character with big boobs you can't say no. You have to put your views aside.

Frank frezetta, one of the pioneers of fantasy art, and a big inspiration of mine, painted woman to look strong, sexy, and beautiful. Often painting them in little more than fur underwear with rather large features. No one in there right mind would critisize this. They were painted brilliantly.

If your that offended then your in the wrong buissness. I don't get offended if I see a muscular, good looking male game character. It's just what people want. Why would anybody want to play as Dave, the slightly overwhieght IT worker. People play games and watch films to escape reality. Larger than life characters in larger than life worlds. Why bother even atempting to change something that's unchangeable.




  1. "Why bother trying to change something that's unchangeable" Because otherwise you're just another sheep in the industry. Okay you need to work to briefs, but there's nothing wrong with trying to break out of stereotypes and cliches.

    I find muscular men and large breasted women extraordinarily boring. I'd much rather play as Dave, the slightly overweight IT worker than a Marcus Phoenix clone or faceless space marine in another gritty, brown dystopian FPS.

    Maybe games companies should think of expanding their audiences past fat nerds who never leave their bedrooms and have 'alone time' with DOA beach volleyball.

  2. You sound like my boss at work. But businessmen are meant to be like that - they're clueless about art and imagination, but good with money and connections. We are artists though. I understand that we have to do some pretty embarrassing shit to make a living, but that doesn't mean it should stay this way, or that we shouldn't offer any alternatives.(even if it ends up being personal work)

    I don't understand your black&white view on art: It's either sexy-muscular fantasy people with no personalities or boring average joes. Seems pretty narrow-minded - there are so many things in this world that could be made into concepts. So many possibilities for character design. Why not draw a sexy lady that isn't a walking blow up doll without clothes-I (and I'm sure Laura too) am not against nudity per se, or women that aren't average (yeah, an average UK chav girl really isn't something I'd want to see in popular culture, unless it's a FPS) i'm simply against ignorance and stupidity in games.

    Characters should have personalities, and they should have looks that correspond to their personalities. In that respect I think a good game is no different from a good book - same rules apply. It's a shame that many don't read or watch anything besides comic-based films.

    I believe that creators should not be as dumb as their audience. Being intellectually curious is crucial for artists and designers. Otherwise things will never change.

  3. Boobies... and a personality?

    Say it isnt so! D:

    I can't fap to that!


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