Reflection and Ambition

For me, the first year couldn't have gone much better. I felt I really improved on both 2D and 3D aspects of the course. Before I started I didn't know any 3D, but by the end I managed to model a whole character. In terms of 2D, from college to now I feel I have improved no end. The visual design part of the first year brought me out of my shell and made me paint and create things I've never created before. I've also spent hours painting in my personal time. For me, It's been invaluable for my own personal progression.

Now the second year has started I couldn't be more focused on realizing my long term goals and dreams. To say 'I want to be a professional concept artist' may make you think 'Oh, just another Djurdevic wannabe', but in all honesty I've never been more serious about anything else in my life. I feel its where my strengths lie, and I've been focused on developing my strengths and terminating any weaknesses. The ultimate dream is to become a great concept artist working in a well developed and successful games company like Crytek.

I know this may seem very ambitious, or even impossible, but I really think if I focus all my time and effort on my art and my course, eventually I'll be at a stage where I can say "Hi, my names Tom, and I am a concept artist at Crytek". Even writing this statement makes me slightly warm with excitement. I realize in order to say this for real, I have to improve a hell of a lot. I think the main things I need to improve on is my understanding of anatomy and painting tech and vehicles. My style will evolve as I do, so I'm not too worried about nailing a specific style just yet. Also, I think I need to improve on my understanding of colour. Over the past few weeks especially, I have spent a lot of time researching colour and the theories of light. I feel like if I can nail lighting and anatomy I've got it in the bag, as I think there the most complex aspects of art.

My view is that if you want something, go get it. It sounds simple, but I think its true. This year I'm going to give it my all, and do my best to stay ahead of schedule, especially in 3D. Even though my end goal is concept art, I realize that most concept art jobs find it a major plus if the artists has knowledge of 3D programs such as 3Ds Max. I've got about 20 months to improve drastically in order to get a job at the end of my course. It sounds a fairly long time, but it will soon disappear and I'm determined to get the best degree I can (hopefully a first). I have a vision of what level I want my artwork to be at in another 2 years. I believe if everything goes to plan I should reach my goals. I don't just want to be a good artist, I want to be an amazing artist.

Before I disappear to do some work, I found a concept art job application for a company called Jagex, based in Cambridge. Here is the job description and key requirements for the job:
Jagex Ltd, the UK's leading independent online games studio, is looking for an exceptional and passionate Concept Artist to join our large graphics department and take a lead role in the design of characters and environments for our increasing games portfolio.

Working within our growing Art Team, you will be responsible for liaising with the Art Director and Modelling Team on creating new assets for the game. You will be expected to produce a variety of concepts, to a high standard and in a timely fashion. You will be expected to be comfortable producing work in a variety of different art styles, from realistic, high-definition illustrative work to simpler, cartoon-style work when needed.

Key Duties Include:
- Designing characters, creatures, vehicles and environments for existing games 
- Working within a style, including a style set by another artist / art director 
- Communicating with our dedicated development and graphics teams, ensuring that everyone's requirements are considered during the creation process 
- Contributing ideas, not just of a graphical nature, but also regarding working practices and procedures 

Essential Requirements:
- Ability to demonstrate creative and original concepts and take art direction 
- Excellent knowledge and experience of Photoshop 
- Very good drawing and design skills 
- Keen eye for detail in all areas from artwork through to finished piece 
- Positive communicator with the ability to work with staff from all areas of the company 
- Energetic, enthusiastic and self-motivated, with a strong work ethic and a high level of initiative 

Desirable Requirements:
- 3D modelling experience 
- Previous experience in a concept artist role within the games industry 
- Art and Design or equivalent degree 

Looking at this, I feel I have a lot of the things they are looking for. I truly believe that in two years I could realistically apply for this job, and stand a good chance of getting it. I've built my foundations, now time to nail the building work.

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