Summoner - Dark Age

Just something I've been working on for my personal project: Dark Age. I hope you like it.


Some recent and fairly recent work I forgot to upload

Hi guys. Been very busy with work and a few freelance projects, so I haven't found much time to do personal work and upload it. Here are some recent paintings I forgot to share. Thanks for looking.


My first published artwork

I recently painted a piece for a book called The Fantasy Illustration Library - Lands and Legends. I had a choice of a lot of different subjects, so I chose The Grim Reaper. Here's the result:

Here are a few shots of the book itself:

The book has limited copies, so if you want one, you can go here:

I hope you like the painting. Thanks for looking!


New Facebook Page

Hi guys. I've just created a new Facebook page for all my artwork and updates. Feel free to follow and share, and thanks for your support!



Wise One - Daily Spitpaint

Draw Crowd

I'm loving the new Draw Crowd site from Feng Zhu. Here's a link to my profile if you want to take a look. Cheers.



First art dump of 2014

Here are some recent and some fairly recent paintings I've forgot to upload. I spent the day improving some of them. Thanks for looking.


Butcherball card - Arcturus

Here's a design for a fictional sports card. It started as a character sketch, but somehow got to this. I love adding graphic design elements to a painting.

I'll hopefully be able to share some freelance work I've been busy with recently.

Thanks for looking!



Hey guys. Apologies for the lack of updates recently. I've been working hard on a big freelance project which I'll hopefully be able to share with you soon. There's some other work I still need to upload which I'll do soon. Hopefully 2014 will be the year I improve to the next level. Stay tuned, and I'll update you soon. Thanks for looking at my work.



A few recent sketches/paintings

Just a few paintings and sketches I've done recently. I'll be increasing the amount of quality practice and artwork in the new year. I have a few goals in 2014 that I'd like to achieve, so I'll be working extra hard to achieve them. Thanks for looking. 

My top 101

I thought I'd spend some time and write a list of the artists that have inspired me over the past 4/5 years. There are more, but I thought I'd keep the number at 101, it's a little more manageable :)

There are also a few of my favorite studios on there for you to take a look at, although I'm sure you know about them anyway.


In no particular order:


  1. Daryl Mandryk - http://mandryk.cghub.com
  2. Kekai Kotaki - http://kekai.cghub.com
  3. Jaime Jones - http://jaime.cghub.com
  4. Daarken (Mike Lim) - http://daarken.cghub.com
  5. Craig Mullins - http://www.goodbrush.com
  6. Maciej Kuciara - http://maciej.cghub.com
  7. Sparth (Nicolas Bouvier) - http://sparth.cghub.com
  8. Aleksi Briclot - http://aleksi.cghub.com
  9. Martin Deschambault - http://dechambo.cghub.com
  10. Ivan Khomenko - http://hamen.cghub.com
  11. Piotr Jablonski - http://nicponim.cghub.com
  12. Ioan Dumitrescu - http://jonone.cghub.com
  13. Konstantin Maystrenko - http://zoonoid.cghub.com
  14. Darren Bartley - http://fightpunch.cghub.com
  15. Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena - http://thrax.cghub.com
  16. Timur Mutsaev - http://timurm.cghub.com
  17. Andrew Domachowski - http://domoarigato.cghub.com
  18. Trevor Claxton - http://trevor.cghub.com
  19. Atey Ghailan - http://snatti.cghub.com
  20. Dorje Bellbrook - http://dorje.cghub.com
  21. Daniel Dociu - http://tinfoil.cghub.com
  22. Mikko Kinnunen - http://mikkok.cghub.com
  23. Kemp Remillard - http://kremz.cghub.com
  24. Slawomir Maniak - http://maniaks.cghub.com
  25. David Levy - http://vyle.cghub.com
  26. Jan Ditlev Christensen - http://ditlev.cghub.com
  27. Ville-Valtteri Kinnunen - http://villek.cghub.com
  28. Bruno Gauthier Leblanc - http://inkertone.cghub.com
  29. Trevor Claxton - http://trevor.cghub.com
  30. Calum Alexander Watt - http://salaryman.cghub.com
  31. Daniel Ljunggren - http://daryl.cghub.com
  32. Marko Djurdjevic - http://sixmorevodka.cghub.com
  33. Yohann Schepacz - http://oyo.cghub.com
  34. Benjamin Huen - http://benbot.cghub.com
  35. Mikhail Rakhmatullin - http://rahmatozz.cghub.com
  36. Bastien Lecouffe Deharme - http://bastien.cghub.com
  37. *Art of Gray - http://g-r-a-y.cghub.com
  38. Thom Tenery - http://thom.cghub.com
  39. Nate Dollarhite - http://minjarr.cghub.com
  40. David S. Hong - http://dshong.cghub.com
  41. B. Borkur Eiriksson - http://borkur.cghub.com
  42. Paul Chadeisson - http://pao.cghub.com
  43. Richard Anderson - http://flaptraps.cghub.com
  44. Randis Albion - http://randis.cghub.com
  45. Paperblue (Jae Cheol Park) - http://paperblue.cghub.com
  46. Justin ‘Coro’ Kaufman - http://elcoro.cghub.com
  47. Carlo Arellano - http://chainsaw.cghub.com
  48. Barontieri (Thierry Doizon) - http://barontieri.cghub.com


  1. Aaron Sims Company - http://asc-vfx.com
  2. Leading Light - http://thebrave.cghub.com
  3. Steambot Studios - http://www.steambotstudios.com

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