Hyperion Team

Here's a new piece I've been working on recently. It's for a new RPG game currently in development. There's no official name/site yet, but I'll keep you updated as the project grows. Here's a brief description of the image. I hope you like it. More updates soon :)

"The scout team is called "Hyperion Team", with teams sporting the personal name given to their Tyrannosaur, and they're part of the Ogre Cannon Corps, named after the Ogre 90mm Folding Cannon. The weapon earned its name as much for its fearsome performance, as for its reputation for being difficult for field engineers to move around and work on. The weapon itself was developed directly in response to a need for a large and powerful theropod portable sniper cannon which allowed the animal to maintain mobility and balance, as an offensive response to pirate incursions along coastal outposts. Hyperion and her crew were personally part of the original beach sweeping operations to stop pirate landing craft from being able to retreat off shore, and they wear their armor with all its battle scars proudly."

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