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Before this course, I didn’t know what the GDC was. I do know; and I hope to go in the future. A few of the third years went, and they had a blast, but I think for me to get the full experience I need to be more educated in the 3D realm. Going in the third year would be ideal. I especially would want to take a look at the visual art side of the event; like the art direction for games.
A particular event I would have liked to attend would have been ‘The Art Direction of Batman: Arkham Asylum: Rebooting a Super Hero Video Game IP’. The speaker was David Hego, who is the art director at Rocksteady. The session description was: ‘this lecture presents the art direction approach during the development of Batman: Arkham Asylum, from the challenges of doing justice to a well-known IP, how to stay true to the spirit of a beloved character, and how to interpret its feel and look through a hyper-realistic approach.’ This would also appeal to me because I think the design for Batman in this game is awesome. You still know its Batman, but there are signs of a more modern, up-to-date costume. The Intended audience was for anyone interested in the visual design of a comic-based license game treated with a realistic approach in particular, and tips and tricks in visual design in general. It covers the period from 2D to 3D realization.  
The audience of this lecture will be shown the challenges that were presented in the making of the game. It covers the intricacies of working with a comic license, and then onto the use of lighting and colour to help with the visual narration of the game. A part I would have liked to have seen would be the initial designs of the characters and the environments. Very interesting I would have thought.  
I think the GDC seems like a great event to attend, and hopefully I’ll get the chance in the next few years.

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