Game Lecturers

I think game centered educators have a very hard job. Trying to teach art is always a hard task. Some people get it, others don’t. I guess you can teach any willing student art, and they can improve. In terms on companies wanting highly trained students compared to creative arts students with a broad arts background, I’d say both are as important as each other. Just because someone is higher trained, doesn’t necessarily mean they are more willing to learn. I would choose anyone with a love for art and a very creative mind over someone who just wants to do the work, get paid, and go home any day. 
I would put myself in the middle of both categories, wanting to work in this kind of job, but also wanting to make a living out of it. To me it wouldn’t feel like a job then.  
Being thought by someone who knows what they’re doing is an invaluable research for any learning student. People that already know what they’re doing should help people that don’t. An open education system should be used for situation like this, where the student that knows more should be open to give advice and help the lecturer.

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