First Year Review

So it's nearing the end of my first year of game art at DMU, and it's been great. I've really enjoyed it, probably more than I thought I would, not knowing exactly what the course would entail. I've found the help of the tutors and fellow pupils invaluable.
I would say my favourite section of the course would definitely be the visual design aspect, purely because I love drawing and painting. I have also started to love the 3D side of the course as well. From the first project of the dustbin, to the organic modelling of a gladiator, it's grown on me. I found it so hard to begin with, struggling to even model a bin, but I definitely have improved. I think allot of it was self-study and experimentation, but also, advice and tips from my fellow students proved invaluable; which brings me onto the topic of student interaction within the course.
From friends studying courses around the country, most of them would agree that there is a definite divide within the three separate years on the course. I think this could be true for allot of courses in the country. Before I started I thought the second and third years would have nothing to do with the first years, not necessarily because they don't like us, but because they would be to busy with work, but I was mistaken. Even though students form the second and third years are very busy with work, they are good enough to take time out to talk and give tips pretty much any time you need it. It feels like one big year. The way it should be. It makes the course feel complete, where even first years can give crits out to third years without the fear of being ignored.
Another thing I've loved about the course is the fact that we’re all hooked up to facebook. It's a great way to share and view work from all the years. It gives you the chance to see where you are in terms of skill, and gives you something to aim for in the future. Being able to see the standard of the third year has helped me get a view of where I want to be when I'm there. I think it's the first uni course to do the facebook thing, and it's been infinitely helpful. I feel like the course is one big living creature and everyone is a part of it.
One thing I've not kept on top of are the blogs. It's a love hate relationship with me. Once I start writing I find it relaxing and fairly enjoyable, but it's just the initial thought of writing, I'm very lazy in this respect. So the last few weeks have been a catch up to get up to date with them. I will try to write better blogs next year, and try to add a more personal touch.
Next year I would love to be able to do more concept art style paintings, and being able to use my imagination more freely. But the course structure feels very solid and changes can only make it better.
I can't wait for the second year, and the third year for that matter. Boot camp is nearly over; September is when the real work begins.

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