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Where do I want to be? That’s the question. Before i started this course I had my mind set on being a concept artist, oh like so many others. I realised after my interview with Mike that that outcome would be extremely hard, seeing as there are normally two or three concepts artists in a company. I needed to think a bit more about my career route. After nearly a year on this course, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, especially from the lecturers and third years. I now believe the way forward is defiantly via the 3D route; character design, to be more precise.
To become a professional character designer I need to put in a lot of hard graft over the next two years. After just completing my first character model, the Gladiator, I have decided it’s defiantly a route I would be happy doing. I also like to model weapons, which is good because we have just been given a weapon project.
The 3D route means I will be able to get my foot in the door. My plan is to get a relatively good job as a character artist, then for the company to see that I’m keen on concept art, and offer me a chance to concept characters and environments. I guess that is the plan, but for it to be a reality I have to try and be the best I can be, trying to improve all the time. I’m going to give ZBrush a go over the summer break ready for the second year. I think I’ll get into the program, as I like sculpting from clay, and some of the top-level artwork created from it is mind blowing. Definitely something I want to get into.

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