Sound in Games

I think sound is extremely important in games. As important as the visuals I believe. Sound can create an ambient and atmosphere, and provoke feelings almost subconsciously. Fear, Delight and awe come to mind. A good example of provoking fear with sound is dead space; every little noise plays a significant role in altering the atmosphere to create a truly terrifying environment. Another thing to note is that a lot of the time in games, especially horror titles, an absence of noise can be just as scary. There is science behind sound.
A good example of a good use of audio in games is in Left for Dead. (One of my favourite games) The music is dynamic in the way it follows your game. Just as the game play is never the same, neither is the music. An imminent attack from a hunter is a gravely murmur, and an attack from the horde provokes a fast paced musical score, with a deep beat to enhance the pace and feel of the action.
An example of a great video game composer would be Jack Wall, who worked on the Mass Effect video game series. The challenge of creating a universe through sounds is massive, and he pulled it off extremely well. From the beginning you are immersed in the universe with big sci-fi scores and intense action music to set the pace.

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