Blitz talk with Jolyn Webb

The talk form Jolyn Webb from Blitz games was extremely helpful and informative. Here are the main points I noted down:

- He's the art director, who has been working in the games industry for 12 years
- He was a commercial illustrator for 10 years
- Art comes first
- Blitz creates a wide range of different games in different genres
- They use completely in-house tech
- Do quick models to learn quickly. Loads of crap needs to be done until you produce good work
- Blitz currently has 235 employees
- Make good visual decisions
- A lot of games companies are going bust
- We don't employ people who can't make decent art judgements
- Most interviewees get rejected because there not very good
- Need to be visually curious
- Go to as many life drawing classes as possible
- Buy books and draw from models
- Drawing is the fastest way to solving a problem
- 3D artists must understand 2D drawings
- Drawings don't have to be polished all the time
- Knock out ideas all the time to improve you work
- Do speed paints to flex visual muscles
- Feed your head to create a visual library
- Take loads of photos
- Use lights to help digital modeling
- Use mood boards
- Focus on art skills
- Be serious
- Practice
- A style is not an excuse for poor drawing
- Game companies are always in need of good, enthusiastic, hungry graduates
- Need a good portfolio

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