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Long gone are the days where I read game magazines. When I was 13/14, I loved spending my hard earned cash on a decent mag. a lot of cash mind. Maybe that's why sales have gone down, along with other reasons of course. I remember paying about £5. That's a lot when you think about it. Especially when your 14, and you deliver papers. Yes you got a demo disk, but compared to our modern gaming times, where you can download free gaming demos, there's no question which one I'd choose. I think people want information as quickly and easily as possible. Is the internet to blame? Well yes, in a way. But people still have the choice. They just choose the cheaper and more convenient option.
The one thing that most internet reviews lack is character. The witty writing style of the some of the game reviewers in the magazines has been lost over the world wide web. The speed in which anyone can review a game has taken its toll on the quality of game reviews. Even though a lot professional journalist write reviews online, the vast majority are written by ordinary people. With this in mind, anyone reading these 'reviews', might get the wrong impression about the game. I must admit, I've written a few reviews on play.com after buying a game. I don't write for a living, or get paid for it. But writing something that can influence other people has its appeal.
I prefer subjectivity over objectivity. The main reason for this is that subjective writing is a lot more entertaining. I'm not saying that objective writing is boring, but its harder to interweave your own opinion into it. The vast majority of people want short, witty, and entertaining writing. It's a bit like comparing Shakespeare to The Sun newspaper. (a very weird comparison) Even though some people like to read and enjoy Shakespeare, the vast majority of the population would rather read about Jordan's next boob job.
After reading "dreaming in an empty room" a defense of Metal Gear Solid 2) by Tim Rogers, I was entertained. It was quirky, funny and importantly, entertaining. I think this kind of games writing is very appealing to a lot of people. it's personal and subjective. What a lot of people want nowadays. Something you can read to the end. If your like me, and need to be entertained in the first sentence, this is where its at. In my opinion.

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