Plans for the Summer

So the first year is over, and I have alot of time between now and year two. So what am I guna do? The plan is to draw as much as I can. I'm guna set myself a personal project. I did this at college for my FMP where I basially designed the characters and a few enviroments for a game I thought up. I've never done so much work as consitent as this so its a good idea :). Also, I've recently finished my first comission for a heavy metal band called Akkadian. I was really pleased with the outcome. I'm hopefully guna see them on Wednesday at a gig. I'm guna print of a few buisness cards and hand them out to other bands and hopefully get a few more commisions over the summer. Me and Aron are already looking to do Akkadians full album artwork, wich is cool :). I'm guna have a break for a week or two though, still paint, but just chill. I need it lol.

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