The Future of Gaming

No one knows what will happen in the future. So what I'm about to write is my interpretation and predictions for the next decade for video games, and beyond.
For a modern day game to be successful it needs to tick all the boxes. It needs amazing graphics. Awesome game play. A deep story and deep characters. Unfortunately, a lot of games nowadays lack the depth that a good film has. Developers seem to have lost the essence of what a real game should be. It needs to bring the player into the world and be able to make the player feel something. I watched a video on Youtube the other day, of the opening level of the the new Call of Duty game. The player seems to be playing as the bad guy. With a group of gunmen you have to kill every civilian in an airport. Even though this is extremely controversial, this is what a game should do. Make the player 'feel' things. Instead of mindlessly killing monsters in a cartoonish fantasy world, give the player close to real life situations and make them feel anger, sorry, and pain. A lot of people will be killing innocent
civilians on November 10th.
The industry will have its work cut out over the next 10 years. Gamers will expect to see more advancements in the technology; and I think they will. Maybe not in the realm of holographic games, but definitely close-to-life realism. This could affect the entertainment industry dramatically. Maybe even merging games and film together to create 'the perfect entertainment experience' ™. Who knows. Who cares? I mean does anyone care. I think people will just let change happen naturally. And accept whatever the game industry craps out.
As for my wants and needs, I'd like to play games with photorealistic graphics and movie-like stories. I think this is very plausible in the near future. Especially with the amazing advancements in computer technology. For me, I'd like to play a call of duty game that puts me right in the middle of the action. Where if i get shot, I feel pain. If a grenade goes of 2 feet away from me, I'll feel the shock. Maybe not to realistic proportions; but a step up form Dual shock 3 would be nice.

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