A Brief History of Computer Games: Part Deux

I have been told by a number of people that the 80's, as a decade, was crap. With war, unemployment, rioting miners and imminent nuclear attack; people needed a savior. A savior which came in the form of the video game. Little did they know that the 80's would spawn some of the worst video game consoles ever imagined.
With the early 80's giving people 'life-like' graphics and 'amazing game play', it was hard to see why people didn't want to buy the consoles. I mean, if you knew you might die from nuclear attack any second, why wouldn't you want to play on game which involves 2 white lines which can move up and down to hit a white dot. You'd be crazy not to in my opinion.
The only thing that seemed worthwhile in the 80's was music. I don't have a lot of knowledge of music from this decade. All I know is that it was pretty crazy and electronic. Back to games.
Anyway. 1983 gave way for the great crash. Amazing consoles were being over supplied and for some strange reason the people didn't want them. The competition from PC's overwhelmed the console market, and the loss of publishing control spelled the end. Then came the rise of Nintendo. Toward the end the the decade the start of hand held games was upon us, which then led to the release of the Gameboy. maybe the 80's wasn't so bad after all.

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