Post Christmas Warmup

Hey everyone. Hope you all had a good Christmas. Normally I go mental over the break and try and cram as much work in as I can. This year I decided to take a full week off, which I've never done. I wanted to try and relax as I've had quite a lot of stress recently. I think it's worked and I feel fully rejuvenated. I decided to start painting again today so did a strict 30 minute warmup, nothing special. But it's helped me get my flow going again. It's surprising how much my wrist hurt after 5 minutes haha.

On a Christmas note, I was lucky and received some lovely art-books from my girlfriend, Nat, and my family. Nat also bought me a set of greyscale Copic markers, which I'm looking forward to using in the new year. I want to try and design more. Instead of painting, actually thinking about the design shapes and language more than I currently do. Anyway, hope you have a happy new year, bring on 2013!

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