Hey, here's a design for project RUNE. She's an erotic dancer. Here's the description I was given:

Appearance: An attractive young woman aged 22- she unfortunately fell in with the wrong crowd and has been forced to work as an erotic dancer for a crime lord. A recovering drug addict, she has vowed to get herself and her son away from the city now she has managed to get some dirt on her current boss. However, she is unaware that he knows this.

I didn't want to over-do the sexiness aspect, but she's an erotic dancer, so I couldn't cover her up too much. I've had a a bit of a history with painting sexy women, and certain people not liking it, but I don't care :)


  1. hey tom nice, did a little paintover of the face if you dont mind
    the change to the hair is only personal so ignore that if you want.

    changed the distance between each eye, and also reduced the length and width of the nose because it seemed a little long. also reduced the shadowing around the lip so it blends more with the face
    hope thats useful

  2. hey al, ofc I don't mind :)
    Paint over looks good, the lips look a lot better. I think it looks a bit more realistic too, thanks man.


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