Hello. I've decided to put a short hole on my Sub-Zero character project. This will mean, however, that I wont be able to finish in time for the Brawl comp deadline. But I'm not too concerned as now I'll be able to spend a lot more time on it, making it a lot more refined and complete. It will mean better practice too, even though time restrictions are good. The reason for this is to spend some time completing a few minor Uni projects. I've devised a schedule over the next week to give me a good time frame to finish off. I'm about 97% done overall so I've not got lots to do, but Uni must come first. I've got plenty of time after next week to do my own thing. One last push I guess and I'm home and dry. Just want to get the third year started now, I can't wait. Keep checking back here for frequent updates over the next few days. More Uni work to follow. Cheers

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