speed sclupt

Decided to challenge myself by completeing a character in an evening. Its not really a whole character. Took about 6 hours all together including the rendering stage.


  1. Good. I like how the body is twisted slightly, more interesting. Your female anatomy has improved, however it looks a little top-heavy compared to the hips. The butt is good though! Also your forms are still a bit harsh, try working on a lower subdivision to block in the ribcage early to get a softer, smooth look. Would like to see you try a full female character!
    Quick paintover to show what I mean...
    Mine's not great but maybe it would help. Also check out these, best anatomy sculpts I've seen.
    Keep going!

  2. awesome blair thankyou. yours looks a lot more natural and female. my woman tend to look a bit manly lol. thats a great sculpt. i bet tat would look so realistic painted. cheers :)


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