more fighting...

worked a little on proportions after some crits, made the head bigger and legs smaller. messed with the diffuse and went up to about 13,000 tris. Also decided to go down the UFC route, so I did a quick paint over to see where I want to take it.


  1. I think those crits really helped, it's looking much better. The UFC approach looks nice too.

  2. His proportion is pretty good, though at this stage I think it would help to do some photo overlays, and make it match some good reference as closely as possible. [3dsk stuff is good]
    I like the shape of the arms, though I think your muscle forms are too deep, especially in the neck, chest and torso. I'd just study the athletic body type more and smooth things out a little, as the forms, especially the abs, are really harsh. Hope this is helpful!


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