I feel like I've made a lot of progress recently. I've been painting everyday to some degree, and working hard on my group project. I've also recently finished the album artwork for a band called Akkadian. It should be printed fairly soon, so I'll post the artwork up when it's all sorted. I'm almost at the end of the term now, so I need to push myself. I'm planning on re-doing a few 2D projects over the Easter break. I think I'm gunna start reading. I've read a few books in the past, Jaws and Hannibal are the most recent, but I'm planning to read much more regularly. I bought a book yesterday called 'The Windup Girl'. I bought it for the soul fact that I recognized the cover had been painted by Raphael Lacoste, a favorite artist of mine. Probably not the best reason to buy a book, but it was number 4 in the sci-fi charts so it cant be that bad. I'm hoping to add to my fairly limited library of images. So this should help me.

 The cover of 'The Windup Girl', by Raphael Lacoste

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