Story Board Idea for Uni project

Here is the finished product of a project started this week at uni. We had to write down various words in relation to other words and write a story from those key words. Then to move onto completing a story board which follows the story. I've called the story 'Jericho'. This was the basic story a came up with:

'an industrial mega tanker is raided by
a tribe of post apocalyptic pirates. 
they use steel machetes and drive 
vehicles covered in barbed wire and guns.
they fire smoking cannons at the tanker.
its raining and the moonlight shines 
through the fog. the leader of the pirates
wears feathers and wings like a bird.
The tanker calls in mechs for reinforcement.
They walk through the atmospheric fog and
start firing at the pirates'

I tried to keep it fairly realistic, as I didn't want to go too crazy.

Also, the story changed slightly in the storyboard, for the better.

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