self portrait plan of action

You may have seen my concept for my self portrait character based in the world of mortal engines. I've now got about 4 weeks to model, texture and rig myself. I'm pretty nervous about it, but also excited. I think doing the gladiator character for Cameron (one of last years 3rd years) really helped me. I've got a solid view of where i want it to be. Its just getting it to that point in 4 weeks. What I may do is complete the character but without some of the weapons and items, then over Christmas, complete the rest. Ive wrote a list of items/clothing that Ill need to research and model. Here it is from head to toe:

  • old style flying goggles
  • thick fabric bandana 
  • samurai mempo [face guard worn by samurai] this is optional
  • neck scarf
  • broken gear medallion [symbol of the anti traction league]
  • large rucksack or satchel [lots of belts, buckles and badges]
  • leather jacket with large collar, one rolled up sleeve, pockets, medals and badges
  • gloves with zip and 2 open fingers
  • thick utility belt with various bags, canisters, various fabric cloths, ropes and buckles
  • gun holster
  • thick, loose canvas/military style trousers with pockets
  • knee pads
  • worn, leather boots


  • antique, ornate flintlock pistol
  • samurai katana and scabbard

I want it to look as realistic as possible, so I need to gather a lot of reference material in order to achieve this. I'm going to model myself first, then model over the top of my anatomy. I might bake each item separately too. I really want this to be a success so I'm going to focus all my attention on it.

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