WoW: World of W*****s

From the hidden, nocturnal, socially inept nerds of World of Warcraft, to the over serious professional gamer ‘pwning noobz’ on COD, gaming culture is everywhere; and it’s growing fast.
I would say I don’t really fit into a specific gaming culture as I consider myself a very casual gamer, especially since I’ve started my uni course, I’ve had no time. Over the years though, I’ve been involved in a few different corners of the gaming world. I used to play WoW, I’m ashamed, and I know I’ve wasted days of my life aimlessly wandering around a virtual world full of nerds and weirdos. I guess I’ve learnt from my mistakes at the right time, lucky me I guess. I was also really into FPS’s at one point, spending hours and hours shooting 4 year old in the head with a silenced M4. Those days are long gone, thank god, and now I’m well aware of the different diversities within gaming.
Video games affect at least 50% of the entire entertainment industry, so there’s bound to be sub cultures like there is in films. It’s inevitable. I think gaming cultures will go the same way, with groups of people idolizing certain main characters. Master Chief or Solid Snake for example. I think certain fan-clubs exists for these characters, I just mean on a wider scale; similar to a Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp fan club.

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