A Brief History of Computer Games: Part Un

It surprised me how early 'video games' began. My guess would have been late 70's early 80's, but I read to find out it all began about 1958 with the game 'Tennis for Two'. I can't believe how far video games have come since then. Take a look and the latest tennis games, for example. The graphics are incomparable. This advance in technology has evolved so quickly, partly due to the military partnership with the gaming industry. Using computer game technologies to create realistic military-type sims. That surprised me too; that the military use video game technologies to fight wars. Its pretty crazy in a way.
Anyway, back to the history. Looking through the internet has made me ponder the exact date in which 'video games' were spawned. Some sites claim Pong was the first computer game. Others claim that 'Spacewar!' was the first. Just shows you cant trust everything you read on the net.
My first experience of video games was playing 'Golden Axe' on my Aunties Sega Megadrive. That was a very fun experience indeed. But I didn't continue with this form of entertainment until I was about 14, when I got my first console... the Playstaion 2. It was magnificent; when it came out. Looking back, the progress is clearly visible. I'm not saying games have got better. Just more advanced. I could still play Golden Axe for hours, whereas I'm done with the latest Gears in a few hours. New games are all pretty on the surface, but when you delve in, a lot of them lack depth. They all seem to revolve around the same kinda situation. Hero, villain, sci-fi environment... ect. Boring crap most of the time. Having said that, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare kept me glued to my massive telly for hours.

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